Some Birthday Pictures

Just a few photographs of Emryn’s first party.


Nijntje cake

Owl cake

Owl cake

smash cake

Emryn’s own cake


Is this cake only for me, Dad?

birthday dress

Look at my party dress!

unwrapping prezzies

Are these presents all for me?


A bit of quiet time with Oma.

laughing some more

It’s not difficult to make me laugh even after a hectic day.

Emryn’s Birthday Party Today

The cake for Emryn’s first birthday.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

Nijntje a.k.a Miffy

Thanks to Ark’s The Ems.


The Birthday girl:

birthday girl

Emryn one year

Happiness is…………………….

…….having fun with my granddaughter Emryn!

Oma en Emryn



Please can someone tell me how to post a video to this blog.

I have cute video of baby Emryn walking and I want to post it here.

For Footsy2 – and others

Footsy2 asked me how my little Village garden is looking now, and these are the pictures I took today.

The garden in 2013




The garden today





I have allowed the Sheena’s Gold to grow a bit wild this summer, but I have not seen any flowers on it.


 The Bleeding Heart has grown tremendously since I planted it in a pot and put it outside.



The Poinsettia has been disappointing this year. It hasn’t grown much and the leaves did not turn red.


The  “Mums”are flowering for the second time.



This palm was given to me by a school child and needs a place somewhere.


This is NOT a plant, but one of my neighbours just walking by!


A bucket full of Vygies which will be planted under the Sheena’s Gold.


The herb box is looking a bit sad, so no picture!

I will  plant new herbs in the spring.

Next blog I will show you the African Violets which I started from scratch last year.

I wish I was a Puddytat (really!)

If I was a real puddytat I would not have a problem sleeping! It’s as simple as that. Cats can curl up and sleep anywhere, anytime, come rain or shine.

I have not been so lucky lately. I wake after even 2-3 hours of sleep and then cannot get back to sleep again.

Baby Emryn seems to have a similar problem and keeps her parents awake at night.

She thinks it’s funny:

Having a good laugh

She enjoys playing with her Oma, especially when I entertain her with her toy bush baby. I need to get a picture of that face when she anticipates being tickled by the furry toy.

Emryn is now well and truly into her soft solids (made by Mommy)  and has had a taste of most foods.


Apart from the sleeplessness, me, myself and I are doing fine here at the Village.

My patch of garden is looking fine, but I need to put new herb plants in the box as the parsley has died and the other herbs are looking straggly.

After the 3 long power outages, due to problems at a sub-station in March, I checked the foods in the fridge and ended up tossing quite a bit of stuff. Such a waste and I don’t like wasting food.

In February YS decided I should get a land-line phone and a better Internet package (not Telkom, though). He applied for the phone line and we are still waiting.

Today a Telkom technician was at the Village and I way-laid him. It turns out that what YS and I thought was the reference number, wasn’t a reference number and the technician couldn’t do anything today.

So I will complete the application forms, where they ask me everything but my vital statistics and go to the Northgate mall and hand them in and get a proper reference number. Then I can phone that technician and get going with the land-line. What a mission!

There’s nothing worse for me as people who do not, from one meeting to the next, follow up on jobs that have been assigned to them.

On a regular basis, especially when occupants leave the Village, the keys to that cottage or flat need to be checked. Every dwelling must have a set of spare keys in Matron’s office to be used in case of emergency. This check has not been done in the 18 months I have been here and, as a matter of fact, my cottage didn’t have a set of spare keys when I arrived.  I had a set made.

So yours truly has taken on the job as “key-checker”. I will make a start after Easter and Matron is happy.

Recently we “lost” one of my Buddies. The lady had not changed her day card in the window and after much banging on the doors and windows and noticing that her car was still in the parking bay, we set out to find her. Her spare keys had been incorrectly labelled and we could not gain access into her cottage. we could see into her lounge and bedroom and nothing was amiss there. Before we decided to try and gain access through the roof one of the maintenance guys managed to prise open the bathroom window and the occupant wasn’t in there either. Sigh of relief. No unexpected injury or death to cope with.

Hours later the lady pitched up. She had been out with a friend!!!!! She was well and truly rapped over the knuckles by the Village manager.

My Mynah birds are getting too fat and I now only feed them twice a day instead of on-demand. They are not happy.


Can you see them?

Two little dicky birds sitting on the wall

One named Peter, the other named Paul.

Oh, those school days/daze

I know have been very quiet lately.

No particular reason.

Just not much to blog about.

Emryn is growing fast and is now 5 months old.

This picture was taken on  Christmas Day when she stood on grass for the first time.

You should have seen her face!

Emryn on grass


Today I received an email message that new photographs had been posted on a website of schools in Holland.

I found one with me in it! (1955)

6de klas bavoschool (2)

This was the last year at primary school, class 6 and I was 11 years old.

I am in the third row, from the bottom, fourth from the right.

The nun’s name was Sr Anna-Louise.